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Every Opportunity is a New Horizon

Takta is an international industrial maintenance and support services provider consisting of multiple engineering disciplines. Our mission is to deliver our objectives with a client focused approach. Each division of Takta is equiped with resources to execute and finalise projects with utmost accuracy and in-time with client expectations. The management system is stategic in providing effective supervison and forecasting of all projects, the global outcome is for optimal compliance with the regulatory guidelines that ensure project completion. The commercial teams work around the clock to communicate and setup links with suppliers on a global basis. Our technical teams have ample experience in their fields, with an excellent work ethic to satisfy clients.

Concept to Reality

The focus that Takta has on each individual project gives assurance that the accuracy of maintenance and support services is stable. The divisions of Takta are inclusive of Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Mechanical Engineering. The expansion of the division to include Electrical and Mechanical divisions enables the management structure to be specific to the requirements of the client. The divisions and teams collaborate to attain project success. The outlook to complete projects is to resolve problems that are apparent to our client.

Company Mission :

From resource management to development of projects, Takta's management is devoted to assuring effective project execution.
Accuracy, efficency and objective based approach to completing projects is the primary view of the Technical Teams.
The commercial team are focused on assessing the quality, time and cost of projects with a purpose to serve the client reputable information.

Strategies to achive goals :

Our professional approach to each project ensures fluid communication and suitable response times. The market that Takta trades within continually develops and is flexible with the needs of its' consumers.
The work strategies have fresh management plans that adapt at the instance the market evolves. Client is able to see and understand each stage of the project with implemented management processes that visualise and communicate variabl

Customer satisfaction :

Development of projects requires feedback. At Takta we are proud to assess our performance based on customer experience. If you are or have previously been a client of Takta and would like to provide feedback, please contact us